Retreat with Tamara Martynova (Ukraine) in Prague

02/03/2015 15:36


Mrs. Tamara Martynova accepted the invitation for retreat (several-day intensive practise) in Prague. Mrs. Martynova is co-author books about ZY Qigong, that was also translated into Czech language.  She is one of closest students of  prof. Xu Mingtang, since Master started to teach abroad from China. She joined a lot of retreats with Master in Shaolin and Europe, often translating Master's lectures. This retreat is excellent opportunity how to obtain new information and learn excercises, which are not usually taught at courses.

Retreat is designated for graduates at least 1st level of ZY Qigong and all are heartly invited.

WHEN: 1.5. - 7.5.2015

WHERE: Hotel Albion, Praha 5(
ACCOMMODATION: Hotel Albion, Peroutkova 531/81, Praha 5.

Internet connection is available in recetion area, free parking at hotel parking place or adjacent areas.
Accomodation prices:
1 person in 2-bed room 700 CZK / night
1 person in 3-bed room 517 CZK / night

Breakfast is included. Lunch or dinner can be ordered separately for 240 Kč za lunch/dinner/day; lunch + dinner for 480 CZK/day). In working days lunch is available for 110 Kč/3-course meal from daily menu.


APPLICATION: as soon as possible to, send the filled-in application - download here.

Storno conditions for retreat and accomodation:
From 30 to 15 days including, before commencement day 25%
From 14 to 7 days including, before commencement day 50%
From 6 days before commencement day  100%

INFORMATION: Helena Kreizlová,,  +420 602 555 661.

Application dedline: 27.3.2015 or till filling the capacity of the hall.
Check-in: 1.5.2015 from 12:00 till 3:00 pm.
Retreat beginning: 1.5.2015 (Friday) at 3:00 pm.

Retreat end: 7.5.2015 (Thursday) 11:30 p
Note: Time of the beginning or the end of the retreat can be modified by the lecture.

MATERIALS: You can obtaion materials, books and DVDs about ZYQ, please name them in the application.


Topics of the retreat:

1. What is a Human from ZYQ’s point of view? The levels of development of the Humans’ soul. What are the forms of life in different worlds? What is the full life circle of a Human. The main mantra of ZYQ and it’s 2 meanings and 2 pronunciations.

2. Awaking method is one of the main Big methods in Image Medicine.  How we  use it for self development, self regulation, self healing  and healing.

3. Practice of rejuvenation and prolonging own life.

4. The opening and development of Mai channels which are responsible for absorbing light qi into our body. What is the body of light?

5. Practice of the transcendental energy channel.

There may be some changes in topics according to the necessity of students.